Meinl Drum Festival donates instruments to the Danilo Perez Foundation in Panama and the Hungarian Károly István Orphanage

Meinl is very pleased to announce that all of the proceeds from the ticket sales of the 2015 Meinl Drum Festival, as well as any voluntary donations made by the festival’s VIP guests, will be donated to two charitable organizations: The Danilo Perez Foundation and the Károly István Orphanage

The Danilo Perez Foundation in Panama recruits children and young people at social risk with a talent for music who can’t afford a musical education and offers them a free scholarship to promote and develop their musical talents. Established in 2005, the Panamanian foundation supports children and youth, regardless of their socio-economic status, with music education as well as enabling them to become socially responsible members of Panamanian culture and respected citizens.

Founded in 1957, the Károly István Orphanage near Budapest has raised more than 6,000 children and is the biggest of its kind in Hungary. Music therapy plays a big role in the educational program of this orphanage, which also works a lot with physically as well as mentally handicapped children.

Meinl will donate percussion instruments equaling the worth of the proceeds made from the Meinl Drum festival ticket sales and voluntary donations of the festival’s VIP guests to both of these organizations. “Our drum festival is a non-profit event,” comments Meinl’s Norbert Saemann. “We would like to give back and support those who are in need. Music and music education are what drives us. These two elements have always been the mission of our drum festival. Therefore we hope that donating our instruments to these two charitable organizations will be helpful to them and the children playing the instruments.”
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