Playmobeat Drum Trio - Finale (Schlagzeilen 2013 - December)

Playmobeat Drum Trio - Finale (Schlagzeilen 2013 - December)
In January 2013, Playmobeat set out on a mission to bring joy and rhythm to the world: The project "Schlagzeilen 2013" was born.

When the glorious Year of Playmobeat was almost over, the three drummers reached out in a final effort to unite their drummer friends all over the world to create the world sound of drums in the 12th video of the year 2013.
This is it!

* All clips in this video have been created, filmed, played and performed by the almighty Playmobeat community all over the world. We bow to the spirit, dedication and creativity every single one of them has put into this unique piece of drum passion.
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